Delta Building G Collection Site

Located near MSP Airport Terminal 2

Drop Off Manual Wheelchairs

Location: Delta Building G, 7350 34th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55450


  1. Going north on 34th Avenue towards Airport Terminal 2, turn left on 73rd Street.
  2. Use Caution as you turn and cross the light rail.
  3. After the intersection, Delta Building G is an immediate left and you will see MN5000 signs across from the Fort Snelling Cemetery.

Drop Off Instructions:

  1. Wheelchair donations can be dropped off 24/7.
  2. When you enter the east side of the building, immediately turn right and go through another door.
  3. Inside the door on the left, there are MN5000 stickers and a diagram for placing the sticker correctly.
  4. Please leave the wheelchair at the counter area.

For more information about this Collection Site, Contact Us.